Instructions for Authors

The conference papers will be issued as chapters in two separate books:

  • Selected English papers will be included in a Springer book in the series Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (LNNS).
  • Other English papers and Polish papers will be included in a Publishing House PWNT book in the series Control and Computer Science (CCS).

Selected papers will be recommended to be published in renowned scientific journals:

  • Control Engineering Practice (CEP)
  • ‡Sensors
  • ‡Archives of Control Sciences (ACS)
  • ‡International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (AMCS)
  • ‡Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems (JAMRIS)
  • ‡Diagnostyka
  • Robotics
  • ‡Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary w Gospodarce i Ochronie Środowiska (IAP)
  • ‡Pomiary Automatyka Robotyka (PAR)
  • Automation

More detailed information about the journals is located at the bottom of this page.

Initial paper submission

  • The DPS 2022 submissions will be handled on-line using the EasyChair conference system. If you have no EasyChair account, you must first create your own account.
  • All papers have to be initially submitted in PDF format via the EasyChair conference system.
  • Papers should be written in English (Springer format), or in Polish (PWNT format).
  • No paper should exceed 12 A4 pages.
  • Submitted papers will undergo a peer review process.

Final paper submission

  • Accepted papers should be corrected in accordance with the comments of the reviewers and submitted using the EasyChair conference system.
  • The authors whose papers are selected for publication in the Springer LNNS series will be required to prepare the final version in accordance with the Springer Instructions for Authors, and to complete and sign the copyright form (Springer consent to publish). The signed copyright form can be submitted either by mail, fax, or e-mail (see contact).
  • The Authors of other accepted English papers and Polish papers will be required to prepare a final in accordance with the PWNT Information for Authors (Conference proceedings), and to complete and sign the copyright form (PL: PDF, EN: PDF). The signed copyright form can be submitted either by mail, fax, or e-mail (see contact).
  • Authors have to upload the final version of their work , including all the source files, the drawings, and the final PDF (corresponding exactly to the final sources) using the EasyChair conference system. Final files should be compressed into a single ZIP archive named after the Author’s paper ID (e.g.
  • In order for an article to be included in the conference proceedings, it is required that at least one registration for each accepted article has been completed. Authors should register their participation in the conference directly (on-line) on the DPS 2022 website here.
  • Each accepted paper must be presented by one of the registered authors at the DPS conference meeting directly or remotely (online). If for a given team of authors the number of submitted papers exceeds the number of registered authors, each additional/excess article is subject to a fee of EUR 150 (PLN 670).

Journals Detailed Information

We ask the Authors to mark when registering for the DPS conference which journals the organizers should NOT take into account when recommending their articles (suggestions will come from reviewers).

AcronymISSNImpact FactorPublication FormJournal FeePagesExpected Publication DateMEiN PointsLogo
CEP0967-06614.309Regular Paper15-302023+100
Sensors1424-82203.275Special Issue1540 CHF*10-202022+100
ACS1230-23841.697Regular Paper10-202022+100
AMCS1641-876X0.967Special SectionOptional6-102022100
JAMRIS1897-86490.169Special Section4-62021+40
Diagnostyka1641-64140.001Regular Paper300 PLN6-9202120
Robotics2218-65810.001Special Issue/Regular Paper980 CHF**10-202022+20
IAP2083-01570.0Regular Paper50 EUR4-62021+20
PAR1427-91260.0Regular Paper5-82021+20
Automation2673-40520.0Special Issue/Regular Paper-***10-202022+0
* – Standard APC 2200 CHF – 640 CHF/conference discount
** – Standard APC 1400 CHF – 420 CHF/conference discount
*** – Standard APC 1000 CHF – 1000 CHF/conference discount